ceramics journey

I have been working with clay since I took my first ceramics class in high school in 1971. I studied ceramics and art education (BA) in the ’70s at Bethany College, taught elementary art for two years, got an MA in art at Emporia State University, had my first “big adventure” living and sailing in the Caribbean for about 6 months, taught high school art for 15 years, then went to the University of Florida in my ’40s to get my MFA (my second “big adventure”). I am now teaching at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. It’s been a pretty great journey and there is certainly more to discover.

The work on these pages is from a variety of times and experiences. Since 1998 I have been working with a majolica glaze (an opacified white glaze) on terra cotta. I Paint with ceramic colorants on this raw, white glaze which is then fired to cone 03 (about 2000 degrees F.)